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Getting it right with your property currency exchange

These unprecedented times are challenging for all of us. If you’re selling your home in Spain and want to move your money back to the UK, you’ll probably have noticed that the currency markets are more volatile than ever.

Euro strengthened to a six-month high against the pound in March and it is still now at levels not otherwise seen since October.

However, the complete unpredictability of the markets mean you cannot rely on this to continue. Worries are growing in the Eurozone of a lengthy economic downturn and uncertain recovery period.

The problem for you, then, is that you can’t know how much the money from your sale will get you in pounds in one, three, six months down the line. The euro has strengthened and weakened by almost 15% over the past two months, changing the pounds you’d get from a €100,000 sale by over £11,000. 

This is where our currency partner, Smart Currency Exchange, can help you. Rather than taking the risk of sending your money on the day with the banks, speak to Smart in advance.

They can secure you the same exchange rate for up to twelve months – so you know exactly how much your money gets you. 

Smart can also help eliminate excessive bank charges by giving you access to our unique bankers draft service once the time comes to transfer your funds back to the UK.
Speak to Smart Currency Exchange today or click here to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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Smart Currency Exchange.....A professional, highly reliable, friendly and trustworthy company that continues to give you the best possible service every time. Highly recommended.
Smart Currency Exchange.....A…

Michael Gillingham

Smart Currency Know what they’re doing

Moving money abroad to purchase a second home was daunting. I’d never done it before! That’s where Smart Currrncy came in. They simplified the process and took away all the stress I can’t recommend them strongly enough.

​Mr Paul License

Very simple and pain free, high trust level due to personal attention with account manager. Will recommend to my many ex-pat friends moving back and forth between Europe and the UK. SPeak to Jack, my advice.

Mr Littlefair