Coronavirus - Covid 19 - How is it being dealt with in Spain

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Spain & the Coronavirus pandemic

As we all know life feels very different right now as the Coronavirus takes hold on the world with many countries suffering huge case numbers.

Covid 19 hit Spain with its first case on 31st January 2020 in the canary islands and on the 13th Feb recorded the first death in Valencia.

On 9th march Spain had 1231 cases and a death toll of 30, by 10th march large events were being cancelled within our region and on 13th march all of the bars & restaurants had been rendered to close.

Prime minister Pedro Sanchez.declared a State of Emergency (“Estado de Alarma”) on 14 March, which introduces a series of measures including significant restrictions on movement throughout the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

On the 22nd March the state of alarm decree was increased for a further 15 days, 30 in total as it now stands.

Any foreign nationals who do not reside in Spain were advised to make their way home. The Spanish government has ordered that hotels and short-stay accommodation (such as short-stay campsites or caravan parks) must close by midnight 26 March. These measures do not apply to long-term accommodation, such as long-stay campsites, as long as clients can cater for themselves, in their own spaces (ie that clients do not rely on communal facilities). British travelers who are currently in Spain and who wish to return to the UK are advised to make travel plans to do so as soon as possible on 22nd march at midnight all airports and ports were closed for commercial use

As of today March 24th Alicante province has registered 61 deaths, nationwide there are 39,876 positive cases & 2800 deaths.

To get up to date statistics please click the link to check out WorldOmeter

You can also get Upton date information from the British government here and the Spanish Government here ( also available in English)

Check out the drone footage below of Benidorm during lockdown.

What does being in lockdown mean?

During the state of alarm we are to adhere to a strict set of rules to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.
  • All retail outlets are closed apart from supermarkets, pharmacys, gas stations, medical centres, tabacs, cash points.
  • We are not allowed to leave our residence unless we are getting essential Supplies or to attend a medical appointment (all non urgent appointments have been postponed)
  • Restaurants & Bars are closed but restaurants are able to offer a delivery service.
  • Only 1 person is allowed to travel in a car at one time. If you have a dependent and cant get supplies without taking them with you then this is an exception to the rule.
  • In a taxi the passenger must sit in the back of the car on the opposite side to the driver.
  • Police are actively patrolling and giving fines to anyone breaking the rules, these fines act as deterrent to anyone wanting to break current laws.
  • Dogs can be walked within close proximity to your house, only one person can walk the dog and only for a short walk
  • No bike riding or running in the streets, exercise should be undertaken at home only.
  • Playgrounds, parks, beaches are all prohibited to be used.
  • Social distancing of one meter between people is to be adhered to when shopping for supplies and in ques at supermarkets/pharmacy etc
  • children are taught at home with work sent from school or via an online school portal

 How have Spanish residents reacted to the lockdown?

I'm very proud to call Spain my home and the way this situation has been handled by people living in Spain is inspiring.Obviously there have been a few issues and there have been quite a lot of fines given out to people who have flouted the rules, carried on going out in pairs, going out for exercise etc but on the whole i have seen amazing acts of kindness and offers of help and advice, people are proud of the healthcare workers and police and everything they are doing to keep us safe is appreciated and they can feel that.

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