Weather Overview

Welcome to the weather page. Alicante enjoys sunshine almost all year around with mild to hot temperatures and occasional rain showers. Below you'll find an accurate five day forecast for the lovely city of Alicante.



Temperatures throughout the year in Alicante

As you can see the summers are sizzling. You will need light clothes, sun hat, sunglasses and plenty of suncream. It can get much hotter than 32º and it is wise to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Have a late, long lunch or a siesta instead. The Costa Blanca beach resorts can be crowded while it is too hot inland to go hiking. Many northern Europeans and residents from Madrid head for the Costa during the summer months. It is the busiest time of year and also the most expensive time to visit as the hotels and airlines are generally more expensive.

Autumn is very pleasant, although it can rain. The Alicante province has very heavy rainfalls in September or October which can last for a few days called the gota frias or big drops. Generally, this is a more pleasant time to play sports such as golf or tennis, visit the cities or watch the wine harvest. The restaurants are not as packed as in summer so you may enjoy more individual attention.

Winters can be mild, although it can feel cold when the sun goes down. It is best to wear several layers rather than one heavy jumper. Then you can strip off in the sun and add clothes at dusk if it is a warm day. You'll need a jacket and raincoat or umbrella though. You can even see snow inland or on the mountains.  It can be a quiet time of year but it is still a good time for sports lovers or shoppers. The museums and art galleries are also much quieter as there are fewer tourists about. Some restaurants and bars close for the winter and the nightlife is not as buzzing as in summer.

Spring can be warm but it is still best to pack a jumper and a few warm clothes. This is the best time to visit the interior towns and villages. The drive through the countryside is amazing with pretty pink valleys, thanks to the blossom. The scent of orange and almond blossom fills the air. It's fairly peaceful and you can get to know the hidden Costa Blanca during these months. You would be advised to book your hotel well in advance if you are visiting on or around March 19 when the fallas fiesta is on though.

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