Spain extends its lockdown but children will be allowed some freedom under new regulations

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A breath of fresh air

A step in the right direction for our quarantined kids 

We have now received confirmation that the lockdown in Spain has been extended until May 9th as expected but with some changes to the lockdown for children, from Sunday 26th April we will be able to take our children outside as long as we follow new rules being put into place
This news has been very well received by family's, especially those who live in Apartments with no external space which account for a lot of Spanish residents, especially in the larger city's.

After almost 6 weeks of lockdown our children are desperate for some fresh air, to feel the sun on their skin and to run off all that energy they seem to have been stockpiling since lockdown began.

Personally i'm ecstatic at the news, I have 2 children aged 7 & 10 and my son has autism, it has been very difficult explaining to him that he cant go out on his bike, its one if his obsessions and without it all he wants to do is play Playstation and eat, which isn't a great combination.

I think we have all noticed some weight gain during lockdown and our children are suffering too, they normally burn off so much energy at school, always running around and on the go playing with their friends, even though we have been partaking in many lockdown online events such as yoga, zumba and keep fit, its not quite the same as having access to the great outdoors.
These are the new rules that the Spanish Ministry of Health has just announced for children during this latest quarantine
  • Children under 14 years old will be able to go out from Sunday 26th April
  • They will be allowed to go out once a da for up to one hour
  • Between the hours of 9am and 9pm
  • We can travel up to a maximum distance of 1 km from our homes
  • Children have to be accompanied by an adult (father, mother or their guardian).
  • An adult may accompany up to a maximum of 3 children
  • Children can use bikes, scooters etc but must not interact or share with other children
  • We must maintain social distancing still of 2 meters with other persons
  • Common areas of apartments and developments are still out of bounds
  • Parks, beaches and children's play areas areas still closed and not to be used.

This is the start of a new type of normal and if we all abide to the rules, hopefully we will see more restrictions lifted over the coming weeks.

Stay safe everyone