ExpoNadal Christmas fair

Fri Dec 23rd 2016 to Sat Dec 31st 2016
Alicante, IFA, N-340, Km 731, Elche

Event Details

Santa has a strong connection with Alicante as Santa Claus derives from St Nicholas or Sinterklaas as he is known in Holland. While Santa lives in the North Pole with his reindeer and busy elves, Sinterklaas spends most of his time in Spain.
After visiting the children on his feast day, Sinterklaas rushes to Alicante where he boards a special boat bound for Holland. He brings gifts of oranges, which led to speculation that he preferred the sunnier weather in Alicante to the frozen north.
Now's your chance to find out what gifts are popular this year at the annual ExpoNadal.
You can find out more about Santa in Alicante here

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