Spanish Language Basis

Learn to speak Spanish like a native with Truly Spanish Alicante

In the meantime, here are a few phrases to learn.

Everyday Common Phrases


Bye| Adiós**

See you later|Hasta luego**

Good Morning|Buenos días**

Good Afternoon|Buenas tardes**

Good Evening/Night|Buenas noches**



Please|Por favor**

Thank you|Gracias**

Not at All|De nada**

You are welcome|Un placer**

How are you?|Cómo estás?**

Excuse me| Perdone**

Well, thank you|Bien, gracias**

Do you speak English?|Hablas inglés?**

I don´t understand|No entiendo**

How much?|Cuánto cuesta?**

Where is?|Dónde está?**

I would like..|Quisiera..**

When does it open/close?|¿Cuándo abre/cierra?**

What time is it?|¿Qué hora es?**