Guardamar Del Segura Park – Parque Reina Sofia

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Guardamar Park

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Guardamar Del Segura Park – Parque Reina Sofia
Parque Reina Sofia is located just outside the center of Guardamar Del Segura. There is an abundance of nature within the park, picturesque ponds of water that run down from the highest point of the park into a larger pond at the bottom. It also has a great play area for the children which is very well maintained.


Nature Life

The Park is full of very mature trees which create lots of natural shaded areas around the ponds and rest of the park, very useful when visiting the park in the hot summer months.
There are small ponds of water that run from the highest peak at the top of the park into a large pond at the lowest level of the park, next to the play area. All the water ponds are fenced off so no need to worry about water safety.

Within and around the ponds of water are many different species of animals. There are plenty of fish living in the ponds and there are also many turtles living in and around the ponds too. Our kids love looking at the turtles, its not something we have seen at any other park and they find them fascinating.

There is a wide variety of different species of ducks, along with geese and swans.
My favorite birds to spot are the beautiful peacocks that can be found roaming around the park, absolutely stunning, especially if you get to see them in all their glory with there tail feathers spread.

And last but not least, there are red squirrels living in the park too, unfortunately I haven’t been quick enough to get a shot of them……..yet!


Play Time

This is one of the biggest play areas locally, our children absolutely LOVE this play area and its quite easy to be theere playing for over an hour without really noticing the time as they are kept quite busy with all the different play equipment.

There is play equipment for all different ages, there is a Zip Wire for the older kids. There are swings for toddlers and bigger kids as well as a couple of climbing frames, wooden bars and climbing aids, a Play house, Seesaw and bouncy equipment too.


Summer market and fairground

In the summer months – from July to September there is a night market and fairground situated next to the park area.

The Market stalls are in wooden huts running along the main road towards the seafront, you can purchase some beautiful and unique handmade goodies from the market and the same vendors are often there all summer.

The fairground is fab for the children, there are plenty of rides and its fairly reasonably priced too, you can get deals on tickets if going on multiple rides.
There are also food and drink vendors selling a variety of fast food and kids treats.

We often take walk down to the seafront after visiting the park, its only a few minutes walk down the main road and breathing in the sea air and watching the waves crashing on the beach is good for all of us. Its nice to be able to visit the beach without having a full beach day too.

Location and information

There is plenty of off road parking running parallel to the main road, although it can be more difficult to find parking spaces in the summer months when the market and fairground is open

I hope you enjoy your visit to Parque Reina Sofia as much as we do.