Transferring money to Spain & from Spain

Sending money overseas to pay for your monthly bills or to buy a second property can be a minefield. The exchange rates vary a lot and change from day to day. Thankfully there are currency exchange experts who will help you to get the best deals when you transfer money to Alicante.

An easy and effective way to top up your Spanish bank account is with Smart Currency Exchange. Just let them know how much you wish to transfer and they can do the rest for you.

With more people looking to buy abroad - and Alicante being the No 1 choice for so many second home-owners and British ex-pats - then it is essential to have a bank account in Spain. However, it can be quite expensive to send money abroad when you look at the transfer fees, exchange rates between sterling and the euro, and the time it takes for your money to move from one account to another. But it doesn't have to be like this. Using a foreign exchange specialist in Spain means you avoid these hassles.

Many people may be tempted to use their high street bank because they know and trust them. However they will charge commission and the exchange rate will favour them rather than you.

There are alternative ways to sending money abroad.

Currency transfer specialists can make safe and secure payments from any account to your Spanish bank account.

Smart Currency Exchange focuses on helping clients to effectively and efficiently send and receive payments internationally. Whether you are buying a property abroad, making regular payments, sending money to Spain or back into the UK, you want the most cost-effective and reliable way to move your money.

Smart Currency Exchange is the UK's fastest-growing currency exchange specialist saving clients thousands of pounds everyday by offering rates better than the banks.

So whether you need regularly transfer money to Spain or make a one-off payment, Smart Currency Exchange can help.

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