Best Alicante and Regional Dishes Restaurants in Torrevieja

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Alicante team

Many restaurants will specialise in regional dishes from the Alicante region. You can expect many courses featuring locally-caught fish and hundreds of different rice dishes starring the local Bomba rice.

Paella is the most famous regional dish but it comes in many different guises. You can enjoy paella with fish, shellfish, meats or vegetables. If you are new to paella, you could try paella mixta with fish, shellfish, meat and beans. If you like shellfish, you must try the succulent Denia prawns, which are a little pricey, but you can enjoy a taste by ordering a small dish in a tapas bar. Other favourite regional dishes include grilled fish, lobster, locally-produced sausages, artichokes and salted fish.