Visit Almadrava Roman ruins in Els Poblets

Sat Jul 30th 2016 to Sun Sep 25th 2016 at 09:30 until 13:30
Alicante, Partida Platja Almadrava, C/14, , Els Poblets

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The archaeological site of Almadrava presents the typical features of a maritime town between the 1st and 5th Century AD. The excavated area of the Almadrava site is part of a Roman country house, specifically a pottery. Although part of a building has been uncovered with characteristics typical of a manor house, most of the buildings uncovered present the appearance of a pottery, with the workshop and housing for the workers - generally slaves - large porch areas to dry the pieces, wells to draw the water required and furnaces for firing. This pottery made roof tiles and amphoras. The amphoras were used to hold wine, oil and salt-preserved food that, along with cereals, accounted for 90% of the products sold. They were packages designed for sea transport and, after they arrived at port and their content was transferred, they were thrown away.

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