Rojales Caves - Cuevas del Rodeo

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Rojales Caves - Cuevas del Rodeo

The cave houses are a real hidden gem in Rojales, a true architectural underground masterpiece. Many of the caves have been beautifully restored and you really feel like you are in another world whilst wandering around them soaking in the beauty of the caves and their surroundings.

There are over 20 caves that have been restored so far and others that awaiting restoration & will hopefully be opened in the near future.


The caves are situated opposite Rojales primary school – Ceip Poeta Miguel Hernandez and you can find directions to the caves by following one of the many signs located around Rojales.
Cave History
The cave houses are steeped in history, built into the hillside of Rojales during the 18th century. There are many story’s regarding the first inhabitants of the caves, the caves were dug by Murcian coal miners who came to do agricultural work in Rojales and were later occupied by Gypsies.


Artwork created by the cave artists
After being unused for many years the cave houses are now owned by local artists who work from the caves creating and selling their beautiful designs.
We are always in awe of the amazing artwork created by the cave artists, below is a selection of some of the artwork we have seen. There are sculptures, paintings, mandala stones and jewellery to name a few, and if you visit at the right time you may be lucky enough to the see the artists at work and have a chat to them about there works of art.


There are some amazing art installations situated around the caves area that have been created by the artists.


Entertainment at the cave houses
There is an interesting cafe/bar in one of the first caves you come to at the top of the cave system, in this cave you can grab yourself a cold refreshment and take a seat in the little alcove inside or in the colourful seating area outside, the owner is very friendly and welcoming.

There is also a large covered stage/entertainment area with seating which is where musical events are held.

The local Ayuntamiento promotes many events at the caves and can be contacted to help with group bookings for viewing the caves.

Each Sunday there is an open mike night at the caves from 7:30pm and the first Sunday of the month there is an arts and craft event from 11:30 am as well as many other events throughout the year.


Art & Craft Events
Below are some pictures of one of the craft events we attended, such a lovely atmosphere and some great bargains to be had.
The Shell house
This house is a stunning work of art, local Artist and house owner, Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz, has spent many years decorating his house with a variety of beautiful shells in a mosaic style which has created the most unique and fascinating house. The house looks like a mini castle with its turrets and different levels, there are some beautiful details and is an amazing sight to behold.


Graffiti Art

We love checking out the graffiti street art at various locations on your walk to and from the shell house and the caves.

The cave houses are open Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm daily
For group bookings of over 10 people please call on 966 714160 or email

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