Top 10 Outdoor Activities

1. Play golf

Costa Blanca is the perfect place to practice golf because of its numerous, challenging courses and good climate so you can play all year. Golfers can test their skills on the different courses which offer their own particular challenges. Most courses have golf professionals if you want to perfect your game or improve your handicap.

2. Try your hand at tennis

Tennis is one of the favourite sports for Spaniards, particularly as they have produced so many world-class tennis players, including David Ferrer from Javea on the Costa Blanca. Most towns and many hotel resorts have their own tennis courts where you can play with friends or hire a coach to improve your serve.

3. Get on your bike

The Costa Blanca landscape makes it a perfect place for a cycling holiday. Many professional teams train on the Costa Blanca in the winter. You can enjoy a gentle bike ride along the seafront or try a more challenging trip in the hills and mountain areas. Everywhere you go, you will be blown away by the fine views.

4. Sailing on the Med

What could be finer than to hire a yacht, pack a hamper and set sail along the Costa Blanca? Many of the region's finest coves and caves are only accessible by boat. Most seaside resorts will have boats to charter from sailing vessels to top-class motor boats. The changing Costa Blanca coastline will have you reaching for your camera.

5. Like to hike

There is so much more to the Costa Blanca than its stunning coastal resorts. A good way to get to know the region better is on foot. You can hike through sleepy Costa Blanca villages, up mountains, through forests and alongside crystal-clear streams.

6. Learn to windsurf

Windsurfing is a popular pastime on the Costa Blanca residents. You can sign up with a school or hire equipment. Learn to read the wind and ride the waves on the turquoise Mediterranean waters.

7. Take a dive

The crystal-clear Mediterranean is home to a colourful variety of fish, shellfish, corals, flora and fauna. To see them at their finest, you will need to swim amongst them. One way is by snorkelling along one of the quieter coastal regions. Deep sea diving is another fantastic option to see what lies within the sea off the Costa Blanca.

8. Join the jet-ski set

Most Costa Blanca resorts have firms hiring jet-skis and providing lessons. This is a fun way to ride the waves, test your nerve and explore different parts of the Costa Blanca. It's certainly a cool way to take to the water.

9. Hands up for horse-riding

Spanish breed divine horses which provide a lovely ride through the countryside. You could trot along the golden sands at sunset or enjoy a longer hike in the spectacular Costa Blanca interior. Your horse can take you to places which are not accessible by car for a quiet and enjoyable way to spend your spare time.

10. Book a quad bike

Quad bikes can be hired to enjoy a personal ride through the Costa Blanca countryside. Alternatively, you can enjoy an organised quad safari to visit lesser-known areas of this popular corner of Spain.