Top 10 Historical Sites

1. Orihuela Cathedral

Orihuela Cathedral is a stunning Gothic temple with interesting forged ironwork. The windows are small which means very little natural light gets through. The oldest part is the bell tower while Renaissance-style elements are found in one doorway, the cloister and in the choir stalls. Next door is a museum of sacred art which houses the impressive painting, The Temptation of St Thomas by the world-famous artist Diego Velazquez.

2. Arab Baths, Elche

Water is said to symbolise wisdom and purity. The ritual of washing and public bathing played a major part in the Arabic world. They served as a meeting place as well as somewhere to bathe and be anointed with fine oils. These are the only public baths to be preserved in the area.

3. Palm Grove, Elche

It is the largest palm grove in Europe and one of the biggest in the world with as many as 200,000 trees. The palms are dried and used throughout the Christian world on Palm Sunday while the dates are harvested and eaten throughout the world. The grove is home to the Imperial Palm with seven stems in the shape of a candelabra.

4. Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Dungeons, cannons and a great lookout tower are some of the many delights to be discovered in Alicante's iconic castle. It's worth a trip for the view alone. However, you can also take a walk through history when you visit one of Europe's largest and most impressive medieval castles.

5. Palace of Rubalcalva, Orihuela

This is a must-see monument for lovers of history and fine architecture. The Rubalcalva family lived in this majestic home until 1933. Take a look at the stunning marble staircase and luxurious interior, particularly the dance floor.

6. St Nicholas Cathedral, Alicante

Head for the Holy Communion chapel which is considered to be one of the finest examples of Spanish Baroque. The high altar is another impressive area. It is laid out in the shape of a Latin Cross with six side chapels. The impressive blue dome stands 45 metres off the ground.

7. Denia Castle

The castle stands tall over the town and is worth the trip for the magnificent views over the Mediterranean and the marina. It dates back to the Roman age but was strengthened and fortified when the Moors conquered the town. If you look closely enough you can see cannon and musket shot holes in the walls.

8. Sto Domingo College and Convent, Orihuela

Another stunning architectural delight in Orihuela. It has a Renaissance exterior and cloister with a Baroque tower. It started life as a Dominican convent before becoming the city's university. The gate, tower and church are its three outstanding features.

9. Bartxell Castle, Alcoy

The medieval castle is believed to date back to the 12th century. It has passed through the hands of several owners. During the War of the Two Pedros in the 14th century, local residents used it as a refuge. There are several interesting historic buildings in Alcoy.

10. Altamira Palace, Elche

The palace has had a rich and varied history since it was built during the 12th and 13th centuries. It was a fortress before becoming the town hall and was then used as a prison during the Spanish Civil War. Now, it serves as a museum.