Universal Sports Tourism Summit

Mon Jan 9th 2017 to Wed Jan 11th 2017
Alicante, Auditorium of the Diputación - ADDA, Paseo Campoamor, Alicante

Event Details

Alicante is the best city to play multiple sports, especially for outdoor, while it has a big capacity of tourist incentives can attract a large number of tourists combine both faces, the sports and leisure.
Alicante has the particularly benign climate, with many hours of sunshine and little rainy days, sports and tourist-class facilities and an excellent communications network are headed by Alicante Airport - Elche – it is the sixth national airport and also it is the top 50 European airports - these are the main arguments for making the province of Alicante is an important cluster of companies can be an exert in a global leadership in conducting tourism events - sports.
The result of these special conditions and in order to address the issue of sport and tourism as a separate entity that deserves to be treated from a professional and integrative perspective got together this Sport Universal Costa Blanca Tourism Summit 2017.
Plotting and planning the objectives of the Congress we took into account as widely as possible variables poses,a fully open (open-mindedness) with farsighted approach. The name of the event, is nothing casual, arises from this position and holistic approach to the phenomenon of sports tourism. 

The aim is to analyze, study and understand the sport tourism from all points of view, inclusive, transversal and "universal" form.

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