THE REAL KIDS - Fuzzville's Junk Tour 2016 - Stereo Alicante

Stereo Alicante

Tue Jul 5th 2016 at 22:00
Alicante, C/ Pintor Velázquez 5, Alicante

Event Details

Fuzzville present Junk Tour 2016 withThe Real Kids in Alicante.
Tickets: 10€.

 At 15 he joined Richman to launch the Modern Lovers in the early 70s. After failing to join his favorite band, the new York Dolls, Felice decided to start his own new band and formed the Real Kids (originally called the Kids) in 1972, with Rick Coraccio (bass), Steve Davidson (guitar) and Norman Bloom (drums).

They play "an aggressive brand of rock going back to Chuck Berry, with hints ofBritish Mod and punk.Along with Felice's own compositions, they played versions of classic Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and others.

The group have just released a new studio album after more than 30 years and are back with a European tour.

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