Moors and Christians in Denia

Mon Aug 8th 2016 to Tue Aug 16th 2016
Alicante, Plaza de Consell, Denia

Event Details

Events are going on all week but the fun really starts for the long weekend with the reenactment of when the Moors took over Denia before the Christians claimed back the land.
Saturday August 13
8pm. Moors arrive at the Playa Raset followed by dinner and events in Calle Marques de Campo.
Sunday August 14
7.30pm. Parade of the youngsters plus the bands are playing in Calles de Mar, Diana, Marques de Campo.
Midnight. More Moors and Christians gathering in and around the Marques de Campo.
Monday August 15
7pm. Gala parade from Calle La Mar, Diana and Marques de Campo to the Port.
Tuesday August 16
12.45 Let battle commence in Calle Foramur, La Mar and the Plaza del Consell.
7pm. Parliament meets for the surrender and the Miracle of the Mist
8.30pm. Procession in honour of Sant Roc
9.30pm. Denia hymn and the end of the fiesta in Plaza Consell, Diana and Marques de Campo.

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