Moors and Christians


Thu Apr 21st 2016 to Sun Apr 24th 2016
Alicante, alcoy

Event Details

Moors and Christian festival in Alcoy is considerate International Tourist Interest. This famous festival recreates the Battle of Alcoy which took place in 1276, when the citizens of Alcoy faced a battle against the muslim general (caudillo) Al Azraq. Legend states that the equestrian shape of “San Jorge” appeared over the walls of the city of Alcoy and his armed intervention was decisive to win the reconquer. Every year, the citizens of Alcoy, “festeros”, make tribute to this historical fact celebrating this famous festival, where each visitor can feel the essence of that period. The music, gunpowder, excitement, dedication, and the people from Alcoy make these days a unique experience. In these four days of festivity, the tourist can see an impressive party around all the city of Alcoy. Which is decorated especially for that occasion by lights, color, a castle and the happiness of the all city. This year, 2016, the Moors and Christian Festival will take place from 22 to 24th of April. Our hotel will offer the opportunity to buy tickets for a place to see that festival. The price is 15€ per person. These chairs will be buy directly from San Jorge Asociacion. Hotel Masía la Mota in Alcoy Alicante offer also a transport service to the city for the Moors and Christian festival 2016. Please consult us. MUSICIAN’S DAY Marching band procession: at 19.30 h Festival Hymn: at 21:00 h in Plaça d’Espanya. DAY OF THE MOORS AND CHRISTIANS PARADES Diana: at 05.45 in Plaça d’Espanya. Christian Parade: at 10.30 h Moor Parade: at 17.00 h SAN JORGE’S DAY Children’s Diana: at 09.00 h Procession of the Relic: at 11.00 h High Mass: at 12:00 h in Santa María’s Church. General Procession: at 19.30 h ALARDO’S DAY “Estafeta” and Moorish Ambassador: at 10.00 h Morning Alardo: at 11.00 h “Estafeta” and Christian Ambassador: at 16.30 h Afternoon Alardo: at 17.30 h Appearance of San Jorge: at 21.30 and “soparets”

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