Mini Workshop-Healing Essences & Dance

Hotel & Restaurant Gran Sol Calpe

Fri Apr 28th 2017 at 11:00 until 12:30
Urb. Gran sol 6-B, Alicante, Calpe
Hotel Gran Sol Calpe

Event Details

For All Ages! Try this relaxing and Healing Dance Exercise called ChakraDance. It helps you to reconnect and balance who you are, clearing away any blockages. Plus Alexandra Langeveld will show you her wide range of Aromatherapy Essences made with Essential Oils which can help lift you into a higher vibration.. Alex is a Balance Coach ; because Everything is Balance, living, Wellbeing. A lot of people struggle in there life, relation, work, living, weight, addictions. My mission is to bring people in balance with there authentic self on different ways.

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