Don Quijote of the World exhibition


Thu Apr 14th 2016 to Sun May 15th 2016
Alicante, Palacio Provincial, Av. de la Estación, 6

Event Details

In memory of the 400 years since Don Quijote author Miguel de Cervantes died, Alicante is putting on a remarkable exhibition. The exhibition brings together more than 200 objects related to the the most famous novel in Spanish literature - Don Quixote. As well as the exhibition in the Palacio Provincial, Alicante is also putting on lectures and seminars as well as concerts in ADDA. Visitors can undertake a thoughtful, artistic and historic tour to enter a world of the noble dreamer 400 years ago. It will include different versions of the book, translations, its links with the film world, and his connections with America. Visitors can also admire the famous wooden horse on whom the famous knight and Sancho rode through the skies in the second part of the novel. Cervantes has strong links with the Alicante region as he landed in Denia in 1580 after spending several years in captivity in Algeria. On Saturday April 16 there will be a concert in ADDA to celebrate Cervantes, Quijote and music.

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