Chakra Rhythm with Alexandra

Hotel AR Diamante Beach

Fri Jun 2nd 2017 at 15:30 until 16:45
Alicante, Avenida Juan Carlos I, 48, Calpe

Event Details

Chakra Rhythm dance is a holistic healing and wellbeing practice using music and the notes that relate to those chakra areas in colour and musical form. If you love music and dancing then this is the class for you. Alexandra will expertly guide you through this beautiful class. A beautiful heart felt workout for the mind body and soul. For everyone who loves to move their body to music, feel free and have fun for this special journey.

"Everytime I dance, I turn into a better version of me”

The workshop start with a meditation, than a warming up and the journey trough the chakrasystem with music what is special composed and resonade with every chakra, the base chakra start with Tribal music to Trance music with the higher chakras.

Come and experience the great benefits of Chakradance !

Chakradance is the sister of yoga.
They call it also "Spiritual Zumba".

Book now, limited space so full = full

I looking forward to meet you!

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