August Fiesta in Orba

Fri Jul 28th 2017 to Sat Aug 5th 2017
Alicante, Orba

Event Details

Fiesta beings on Friday July 28 with a dinner in the square at 21.30.
Saturday July 29, 00.30. Party gets started with music from Twister
Sunday July 30, 0030, Music from Syberia
Monday July 31. 12.00 Anise tasting on Calle Bon Aire; 14.00 paella competition on Calle Bon Aire; 19.30 entrance of the bulls
Tuesday August 1; 12.00 Entry of the bulls; 19.30, Tribute to Fernando Sendra Duran 'Nandin', 20.00 Mass for the elderly people followed by a dinner and live music,
Midnight there is the Return To Childhood night with prizes for the best costumes and music by Agora.
Wednesday August 2, 11.00-14.00 Large aquatic playground in the municipal pool, 19.00 Entry of horses and bull, midnight entry of the cows and bull
Thursday August 3, 09.00 Food in the square, 13.30 beer tasting in the square; 17.30 music in the square, 20.45 Music by Scream
Friday August 4 and August 5, Midday entry  of the steers, 19.30 entry of the bulls and cows; 
Saturday August 5, as Friday but also music at 23.30 in the square

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