Alan Wallace - The Path Of Shamatha


Sat Mar 19th 2016 to Fri Mar 25th 2016
Alicante, CIDEB, Avenida del Comtat 1, Urb La Sella

Event Details

Retreat guided by Alan Wallace who has dedicated his life to the practice of meditation. The retreat will teach theoretical and practical methodology to develop contemplative serenity or shamatha. Participants must have previous experience in formal meditation practice. It is suitable to anyone who wants to begin a process of transformation and personal fulfillment. Also suitable for professionals who are incorporating MBI (Mindfulness based Interventions) and who want to deepen the meditative practices. According to his website, Alan Wallace is a dynamic lecturer, progressive scholar, and one of the most prolific writers and translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. B. Alan Wallace, Ph.D., continually seeks innovative ways to integrate Buddhist contemplative practices with Western science to advance the study of the mind. The course will be in English with translations into Spanish. Check out the website for further information and for costs.

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